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“If it’s Not Crimsafe, it’s not Crim Safe”

Crimsafe Security Doors Melbourne

To secure your home, your windows and doors need the toughest and most effective materials. With standard-issue screens, locks and mesh, intruders can easily figure out how to get into your home. You need to use the best solution for modern security doors and windows available.

Crimsafe Ultimate Security Door


Crimsafe Ultimate security door screens are 40% stronger than the regular Crimsafe product and seven times stronger than the impact required by the Australian Standard, while the Crimsafe patented sealing system gives screens a sleek, modern curved profile.

Crimsafe Regular Security Door


Crimsafe security screen doors can be made to fit doors of any size and style, without compromising product strength or integrity. All of our doors feature 3-point locking and 3-point hinging.

That Solution is Crimsafe.

Crimsafe’s specially-designed screws clamp a high-tensile-strength 304 grade stainless steel mesh to structural grade aluminium frame. The patented screw clamp system hooks into the aluminium frame and allows impact load to spread through the entire frame when hit with serious force.

The clamping system also incorporates a clever serrated edge design that really locks the wire to the frame.

The market for modern security doors is very competitive, but this is one market leader that the competitors can’t even touch. As the original inventors of stainless steel security doors and windows for Australian homes, Crimsafe have become the go-to solution for window grilles, and door security products.

Crimsafe doors always have a three-point locking system installed. These locks have been tested to pass Australian Standards for security. Both the hinged and sliding door locks incorporate the snib (privacy) locking on the inside, and key operable deadlocking both inside and out.

Crimsafe doors and screens come with a 10-year general warranty from the date of installation. Please see warranty card for terms and conditions.

The Superior Door Company has been installing Crimsafe security screens for Melbourne customers for more than eight years, and has more than 35 years of experience installing security products. If you want modern security doors that are as secure as they are attractive, look no further than Crimsafe.

Crimsafe Security Doors Melbourne

Designed to withstand impacts and provide an active impediment against intrusion our Crimsafe security doors help Melbourne residents across the city sleep easier at night. Manufactured with the strongest stainless mesh and securely installed into the door frame our security doors put a barrier between you and people at your front door. Available in a number of modern styles and colours with affordable prices you can find the right door for your home thanks to The Superior Door Company! To learn more about the Crimsafe alternative give us a call today!

Crimsafe Security Window Screens

Enjoy fresh air all year without compromising your safety or feeling imprisoned. A lot of people like the idea of window grilles, but don’t like how they make their house look. Crimsafe security screens will provide your Melbourne home with the perfect solution. You can get them in fixed, hinged and sliding versions. You can be certain the Superior Door Company will find the perfect fit for your property.

Better Energy Efficiency

Keep your home cooler in summer and restrict heat loss during winter with Crimsafe’s security window screens. Survive Melbourne’s climatic extremes with a reduced need for air-conditioning or heating! The Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rates every window in the Australian building market for its annual energy impact on a whole house in any climate. Crimsafe is now recognised for improving the energy efficiency of windows and doors and, therefore, the home’s energy star rating. The greatest benefit is gained when the security screen is placed over the entire window, not just the opening portion. The screens can decrease solar heat gain in your home by up to 53 per cent!

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