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Protect Your Property With Stylish Steel Gate And Balustrade Options

There are many options with which you can define a secure perimeter around your property. But finding a solution that is both functional for security as well as attractive can be a challenge. From a simple balustrade to security gate, integrating the product into the look of the home is important.

The Superior Door Company has the solution for you.

The Superior Door Company supplies and installs a large range of high quality and elegant steel gates, fence panels and balustrading. We can also incorporate any of the design features of our security doors into your gates.
Choosing the Correct Security Gate

We can install a high-security mortice lock into pedestrian steel gates or security gates. These can be locked and unlocked at will. The type of mortice lock installed into your steel gate would depend on your needs. For instance, security gates combined with an electric strike will use different locks to those that are just going to be manually locked and unlocked with a key.
Speak to our team members at The Superior Door Company for security gates to suit your specific circumstances.

Fence Panels

Our steel fence panels help complete your perimeter security especially in conjunction with our steel gates. Fence panels can be installed around pools and are compliant with Australian Standards. Other options include steel fence panels between brick pillars and a free-standing steel fence.


A balustrade is a row of repeating balusters – those small posts that support the top rail on a staircase, balcony, deck and verandah. Balustrading can also define entrances and porches. You can select a standard design from our showrooms or we can create a unique design to suit your style. We can also incorporate any of the design features of our security doors into your balustrade of choice.

The Superior Door Company’s steel gates, fence panels and balustrading are all galvanised and powder coated for a long-lasting, quality finish.

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