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Crimsafe classic security door

Crimsafe security screen doors can be made to fit doors of any size and style, without compromising product strength or integrity. All of our doors feature 3-point locking and 3-point hinging.

As a home owner, you know that in addition to aesthetic maintenance, you need to protect precious loved ones and possessions within the home.

There are a lot of solutions out there that protect the home. But none to the extent that Crimsafe doors do. For Melbourne homes of all architectural styles, there is a Crimsafe product for you, which will secure your entrances and exits while still integrating smoothly into the aesthetics of the building.

With Crimsafe’s innovative Screw-Clamp™ technology and tamper-resistant screws, that can only be undone with a specially-engineered authorised tool from Crimsafe, the ultra-strong Tensile-Tuff® security mesh is attached to the frame. This immense-pressure grip on the frame means that the mesh cannot be kicked out or broken through with any standard hand-held implement of break and enter crimes.

Crimsafe doors are the only aluminium security doors that have these features, and you cannot go wrong by securing your Melbourne home with any of these products, no matter what size or style door you have.

Why Choose Crimsafe Classic ?

More reasons to install Crimsafe doors in your Melbourne home:

Three-point locking and hinging system – doors lock at three points for ultimate burglary protection, and three hinges provide ultra-strong attachment to the jamb.

Customised to any frame – can suit any frame or doorway opening, even if the opening isn’t entirely square. Full capacity security, no matter what shape or size.

Attractive midrail – a nice visual warning of the presence of the door so you don’t walk into it. And anti-jemmy properties.

Full aesthetic functionality – with unhindered views, keeps out mosquitoes and heat, whilst allowing for full airflow.

Screw-Clamp™ security – clamps through 304 Tensile-Tuff® security mesh between two serrated pieces of metal and onto the frame, providing high-impact resistance.

Light and heat control – blocks out at least 30% of UV rays and keeps the home cool in summer and warmer in winter.

Design in mind – a full range of popular architectural or period-correct colours.

High standards – meets all relevant Australian standards for home security solutions, backed by a ten year warranty.


The Classic Crimsafe Door is 7 times stronger than the Australian Standard

Crimsafe 304 Mesh is 25% stronger then 316

Crimsafe doors use Screw Clamp technology to fix the mesh to the frame opposed to wedges and rivets our competitors use.

We only use Lockwood 3 point locking on all our Crimsafe doors.

Crimsafe 304 grade stainless steel mesh – 25% stronger then 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Lockwood 8654 with 3 point locking

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I've just had a front security grille door installed and are thrilled with the result. There was a minor problem after installation and Russell immediately took ownership of the situation and rectified the issue promptly. He is very professional and takes a lot of pride in his work.I couldn't be happier with the door and it has added value to our home. I would highly recommend this company.

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Absolutely delighted !, I had my security doors re-furbished after 10years , and was appreciative of the options provided to keep my costs down. They even loan me a special security tool to assist in the removal of the grills and doors , and may I commend Anja for her excellent customer service and Paul for his "jeweller like" precision and attention to detail !

Cecil Triegaardt icon

Really happy with our security doors, the look and quality of the end result was spot on. We were impressed with the professional service throughout from initial visit discussing options available to work out the best solution for our home through to the installation. I can recommend these guys to anyone looking for a great quality security door.

Carrie K icon

I am very happy with my security doors from Superior Door Company. I researched all of the specialist manufacturers and types of doors available as I wanted the best quality (and looking) doors. These guys absolutely delivered on the build quality of the doors, their components and did a great job with the installation.

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