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Keep Your Doors Secure and Smooth

Entrance doors or security doors are key components that contribute to the overall safety of a home’s occupants. They are permanently installed to be the welcoming point to the home and are often forgotten about as far as maintenance is concerned. But think about it: constantly moving parts, changes in weather creating changes in door jamb sizes and shapes and fluctuations in temperature are factors that can work together to create problems with a humble door. To make sure that your door still works smoothly and keeps your home secure, you may need the door repairs services of The Superior Door Company in Melbourne.

The Superior Door Company offers door repairs and servicing for sliding and hinged security doors in homes around Melbourne. Our technicians can fix problems with locks, latches, hinges, wheels and tracks.

We stock more than 60 styles of wheels that are used in 90 per cent of sliding door applications in Melbourne, so we can usually fix your sliding door wheel problems in one simple service.

Flyscreen Wire Replacement

Anyone who has owned screen/security doors knows how easy it is to dent or tear light-gauge flywire. We offer a flyscreen replacement service in which you can choose from a number of different types of flywire and security mesh depending on your needs.

Bring a Photo of Your Door

As some wires can’t be fitted to certain types of doors (e.g. Crimsafe mesh to a basic aluminium door), we require a photo of your door so we can advise you on the types of wire that are most appropriate. The photo would show us the view of how the wire is currently attached to your existing door.
Choosing the grade of wire that you would like as your replacement wire is best done in our showroom at Bayswater. In the showroom you can see how the wires will look on the doors, as well as get an idea of how strong they are and how much vision you will get through them.

Save Money on Wire Replacement

The price for flyscreen replacement is considerably cheaper if you drop off and pick up your door from our factory.

Onsite flyscreen replacement varies in cost from about $150.00 to $550.00 for a standard size door. The variation in price is based on the grade of wire and how long it takes to install. We can usually give you a rough guide on the cost of the wire replacement once we know the type of wire you want and the type of door on which it will be attached. Onsite replacement has the advantage of having a professional installer adjust your door if you are having issues with it scraping or not locking properly.

Sliding Door Woes

Prolonged use of sliding doors can cause the bottom tracks to wear out or flat spots to appear on the rollers. They deteriorate until metal is scraping on metal and it is prevented from opening and closing. In the majority of cases, The Superior Door Company can rectify the issue and there is no need for replacement of the door. Get a regular service and save money in the long term.

Safety Comes First

Doors that don’t open or close as they should pose a safety and security risk for homes and businesses. You need to be confident that you and your family or employees will be able to leave quickly in an emergency. The Superior Door Company can provide door servicing to minimise these safety issues.

Fast and Efficient

The experienced team at The Superior Door Company is able to provide services with speed and efficiency. Our experienced and skilled tradespeople are prompt and reliable. All work is guaranteed – if the problem is not rectified you can be certain our technicians will return to fix it.

Contact Us for Professional Door Repairs

To arrange a convenient time for a door servicing technician to visit your property, call The Superior Door Company, the experts in door repairs in Melbourne homes, on 03 9720 1111 or make an online enquiry using the form below.

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