Security Doors, Screen Doors, Steel Doors, Mul-T-Lock & Window Grilles In Surrey Hills

Protecting your home is about more than security alarms and CCTV cameras!

Sure, these items can discourage crime and even alert you when a home invasion is occurring, but what about true prevention.

At The Superior Door Company, we’re about more than just installing great looking doors. Sure, we can provide an impressive French door or a convenient doggy door for your home.

But we can also install the strongest security doors Surrey Hills residents can rely on.

Take a look at our great range of products below to prevent theft when it comes knocking on your door.

  • High-security Mul-T-Locks: Add these impressive locks to your doors in order to provide extra protection against break-ins and theft!
  • Attractive yet secure window grilles: Unprotected windows are some of the most vulnerable points in your home. Protect your windows while still ensuring they look great with our window grilles!

As well as these complementary products, The Superior Door Company can install the security doors Surrey Hills residents need. This includes:

  • Crimsafe security doors and screen doors: We are authorised installers of Crimsafe security doors and screen doors. Surrey Hills residents will love their attractive qualities, energy efficiency – and of course – high security
  • A wide range of steel doors: As well as the best Crimsafe security and screen doors Surrey Hills has to offer, our team can install strong steel doors that also look great! Explore our full range to see what’s right for you

For more information about our window, door, and lock crime prevention products, call (03) 9720 1111 and speak to The Superior Door Company.

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With The Superior Door Company in Melbourne, you have access to the benefits of a locally-made product that is supported by a reputable supplier.


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