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Metal Arch Security Doors

Modern Solutions for Contemporary Homes

If you have a modern home, you’ll likely prefer modern doors with which to adorn it. And security for your Melbourne home is a high priority. When selecting a security door for your home, it is important to match the style with the architectural era of the building.

At The Superior Door Company, security doors are a speciality, with the supply of heritage, classic and modern doors for Melbourne homes that allow for maximum airflow as well as effective security.

Our contemporary doors are made from a fully welded heavy steel tubing. These doors are considerably stronger than aluminium doors. When you grab hold of a steel door it feels solid. If you shake it, it doesn’t flex all over the place like an aluminium door.

These security doors are best suited to the Lockwood 8654 security door lock. This lock can be either single-point locking or three-point locking. Single-point locking means the door just locks at the handle. The upgraded three-point option hooks at the top and bottom of the door as well. This lock has both privacy mode and deadlocking modes. With the privacy mode, you can turn a snib. This means the door can be locked or unlocked without using a key. The deadlocking mode requires you to turn the key until it stops and then remove the key. Once the door is deadlocked, you will require a key to unlock the door. The snib does not function when the door is deadlocked.

In our opinion, this is one of the best designed locks for the Australian market. It has a better warranty than all other security door locks. The snib and key function is great for convenience, and the lock does not compromise the style of the contemporary doors.

We are proud to offer you a great range of contemporary doors that are manufactured with the highest quality specifications.

Designed to satisfy the needs of customers with feature doors that you don’t want hidden, these high quality steel security doors highlight the beautiful lines of your existing wood/glass door. These steel security doors incorporate stainless steel cut resistant mesh.

These doors are custom designed to help you create a sleek, trendier, and more sophisticated look for your home or office environment.

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