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Do you feel that the keys to your home or business are easily duplicated? Could someone pick or manipulate your key cylinder in seconds, leaving no trace of damage? More than 98 per cent of households fall into this category.
You need high security cylinders and we believe the Mul-T-Lock key system is the solution.

The Superior Door Company is an authorised distributor of Mul-T-Lock high security locks and cylinders. At the heart of the system lies the unique Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder with its telescopic pin tumbler mechanism. The cylinder is pick, drill and bump resistant and combines security with convenience.

Mul-T-Lock 4-Way

Installed inside wood or metal doors to provide 4-way multi-bolt locking.

Mul-T-Lock 3-Way

Heavy duty multipoint (3-way) rim lock with latch functionality.

Mul-T-Lock Padlocks

High Security padlocks for all your needs.

Mul-T-Lock Keys & Cylinders

Unique keys and cylinders that can only be cut in Melbourne by The Superior Door Company.

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